Summary of the TCVAA Winter Program 2015 – TCV Ladakh (Feel at home)

Summary of the TCVAA Winter Program 2015 – TCV Ladakh (Feel at home)
TCV-AA (1)- (Medium)
Feel at home – a program initiated by TCVAA Kathmandu and Pokhara is running successfully for the tenth year. We are very happy to learn that TCVAA Dharamshala and Ladakh joined hands to make this program very enriching by touching the hearts of our children who were involved in the program. This year for the first time the opportunity to tour Nepal and visit many Ex TCV families in Nepal was offered to the children of TCV Ladakh. Fifteen children were shortlisted and selected to travel from Ladakh to Nepal. These are the children who have never been outside Ladakh for several years.

An extensive month long tour from their remote home town in Ladakh to Delhi and then to Pokhara to Kathmandu was organized in collaboration with several TCV Alumni Associations. It was indeed the most adventurous, wonderful, joyful, enriching experience. They met many loving and caring Tibetans (ExTCVians) and received lots of love and care and support from ExTCV Brothers/Sisters as well as strangers who came to support them in every possible means and help them made their journey very interesting and memorable.

We are glad that this project completed successfully in right time and children were offered new clothes and pocket money for the Losar and also for upcoming Academic year 2015!

We sincerely thank all those responsible Executive Members of TCV Alumni Associations, ExTCVians and other sponsors/supporters/helpers for their timely help that always motivates and boosts their morale with positive inclination for such wonderful projects.

TCVAA Kathmandu and TCVAA Pokhara’s Winter Projects have been running successfully over the last 1 decade and have benefited over 100 needy, poor and destitute TCV children.

Last year TCVAA Dhasa joined this project and partnered towards a more collaborative work and helped them with all the expenses in Delhi like Sightseeing, board and lodge until the time the children were safely home in TCV Chauntra.

This year TCVAA Dhasa took lot more initiative and coordinated with TCV School Ladakh and arranged Winter Holiday Program for 15 needy children from cold and chilling Ladakh to much warmer
places like Pokhara and Kathmandu.

TCVAA Ladakh also joined hands in this project despite their limited resources and helped bear 4 Air Tickets of Kids from Leh to Delhi and back. All the children from Ladakh had a terrific time and were safely back to their school in TCV Ladakh on 17th February.

Thank you one and all!

PS: We look forward to see TCV Alumni Associations all over the world to join hands with this or other such projects in the near future so that we all could see shared vision and goal to help bring
SMILE and JOY and HAPPINESS in the face of our Tibetan brothers and
sisters in Exile who are in need of our services/help!

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