Silver jubilee batch – The class of 1990

Silver jubilee batch – The class of 1990


We are very happy to have about 35 students – the class of 1990 attends the 55th TCV anniversary as special guests. There are from several locations: USA, Switzerland, Bhutan, Nepal and different parts of India. Many of them are meeting after almost 25 years since they graduated in 1990. Most of them are doing very well and holding very responsible posts. Many of them are in the service sectors: principal, doctor, instructors and one parliamentarian from our assembly and few have their own businesses. They were lodged in home two and during their brief stay in the same home they shared their childhood memories with laughter, emotional outburst and of course fun.


We had an informal gathering with the management team and had very productive discussion sharing their past experiences and tying a very strong bondage with Alma mater.  As a token of their gratitude they bore the cost of anniversary dinner for the staff and also requested us to arrange a similar dinner for our retired staff. During the formal function the silver jubilee batch presented a huge painting and TCV logo to Amala and our president.

They were very fortunate to get an audience from His Holiness which is the highlights of their visit to alma mater after 25 years.

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