TCV Alumni of NY and NJ host dinner to the visiting TCV staff

TCV Alumni of NY and NJ host dinner to the visiting TCV staff


TCV Alumni Association of NY and NJ hosted a dinner for Gen Lekshey Tenpa lak and Gen Pema Yangdon lak on October 28, 2015, which also happened to be the first event organized by the new executive officers of TCVAANYNJ. The dinner was held at Tibetan Dumpling Café and 38 ex TCV alumni and staff members attended from various states despite the pouring rain. The event  commenced with the introduction of previous and current executive members of TCVAANYNJ by Dechen Dorjee, General Secretary, after which Pasang Dhondup, President, welcomed the guests in honor and thanked  everyone for not letting the weather dampen the evening plans.  The attendees introduced themselves and shared their respective TCV stories and memories, evoking great emotion from everyone, which was followed by a few words from Gen Lekshey Tenpa lak.

Gen lak thanked everyone for attending the dinner, and stressed the importance of unity and brotherhood. Gen lak pointed out the positive shift in TCV, where it once lacked experiences and resources, but with time, has gained experiences as well as knowledge. He mentioned that rather than despairing over the fact that there are fewer children arriving from Tibet, we should in turn take this time to focus on the quality of education provided to the children in TCV using the resources available to us.

The evening concluded with dinner, casual conversation, and everyone taking pictures with Gen Lekshey Tenpa lak and Gen Pema Yangdon lak. You could sense the nostalgia in the air.

While there was a huge gathering of TCV staff and students it was an opportune time to thank the outgoing executive members and welcome and introduce newly elected executive members.


Newly elected Executive Officers of TCV Alumni Association of NY and NJ are as follows;

Pasang Dhondup – President

Dechen Dorjee – General Secretary

Pema Tsomo – Cashier

Dawa Tsering – Accountant

Rigzin Choedon – Communications Director

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