Global TCV Bylakuppe Alumni Network conferred Appreciation Award to Ama Jetsun Pema

Global TCV Bylakuppe Alumni Network conferred  Appreciation Award to Ama Jetsun Pema la on December 18 at Dekyi Tsering hall in TCV Bylakuppe School.


The award is an expression of gratitude by TCV SOS Bylakuppe Alumni for her lifelong contribution and tireless work towards educating thousands of Tibetan Children who are provided holistic education at ten different TCV boarding schools spread across India. In addition to this Amala award, the Global TCV Bylakuppe Alumni Network, a global alumni association has also conferred a thank you memento plague and a Buddha silk thangkha scroll to each of four former school directors during the occasion. The association also recognized the valuable contribution made by 22 former retired staff members by offering KhaThag by the chief guest of the occasion, Ama JeTsun Pema la.


The Ama La Appreciation dinner is also hosted under a specially arranged banquet tent to all former students, staff members, current staff and students of this school. During the dinner, the chief guest of the occasion Ama JeTsun Pema la is accompanied by honourable SiKyong Dr. Lobsang Senge, the speaker of Tibetan Administration in exile, Mr. Penpa Tsering, local Tibetan Bylakuppe settlement representatives and Bengaluru based south zone Tibetan settlement representative.


More than hundred fifty former students and staff members of this school have attended this momentous occasion in the history of TCV SOS Bylakuppe School.

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